Manitoba Chinese Family Centre (MCFC) is a Chinese community focusing on providing free services and programs for all the Chinese Canadians in Manitoba, as well as helping the newcomers to adapt their new life quickly in Winnipeg. The new icon is inspired by traditional Chinese hollow window frames. Since the particularity of hieroglyphics, creating the Chinese name as an icon simplifies the complex form of the original logo with two languages and three typefaces. It also has symbolic and aesthetic functions.

The icon and wordmark don’t always need to be used in the same expression. The community center and its magazine have the same Chinese name, so the icon can use for both with different English wordmark. The Chinese style icon also can be used as a pattern. Here are some examples of using.

MCFC Fifth Anniversary Celebration Icon

Based on the new Identity, create an icon for their fifth-anniversary celebration, and use this icon designed an event campaign, including different formate posters, an event program, and gifts.