Concept Development

Editorial Design

The Chopsticks project is concept development and research about chopsticks as they relate to traditional Chinese culture. It includes Catalogue, Process, and peripheral products.

The Catalogue surveys the chopstick use through Chinese history and the related food culture. It presents how chopsticks usage has influenced Chinese cuisine, and how, in turn, the cuisine continues to influence chopstick use, both in China and across Asia. The Process book mainly analyses the environmental effects and health risks of disposable chopsticks, the process of making a pair of reusable chopsticks, as well as the tips for choosing and maintain the reusable chopsticks.

The newsprint paper printing, Japanese binding, timeline using, and layout highlight the theme.

Peripheral products

The chopsticks packages show the principles of chopsticks’ etiquette. The taboo on one side while the correct using manner on the other side. The packaging of the project designed as a traditional Chinese food container, which matched the theme.